How We Work For You

Our purpose is simple: to find the financial strategies and products that have the highest probability of sucess in achieving our clients' goals, as economically as possible. 

 We strive to maintain our independence in an industry that is constantly contracting. The client's needs always come first. We simply will not make recommendations that have hidden agendas, excessive fee structures or any provisions that are contrary to the best interests of the client.

The compensation question - Fee vs. Commissions:  How we get paid is clearly a very important part of our business. The answer is we are always guided by the best interests of our clients. For some, a one-time commission is the most economical choice. While we can't compete with on-line mega discount brokers, we offer significant commission discounts whenever possible. For others, where on-going advisory services and frequent asset re-allocation is required, an annual asset-based fee is appropriate. We also offer hourly consultation for financial planning issues where our brokerage and advisory services are not required. We will fully disclose all appropriate options and get your agreement how we are going to do business together before any recommendations are offered or implemented.